Bird control, we offer a permanent solution

There is little choice for some situations when It comes to bird control in its importance. It is ironic but a fact of live that our greatest inspiration for flight itself now poses one of its greatest threats. We are talking of course about birds. These mostly considered beautiful animals are posing a great problem or even a threat to many different industries and themselves of course. Birds can cause extreme damage to airplanes, they can kill themselves on the wicks of wind mills and be nuisance for example on landfills. That is without taking in consideration the damages they can cause farmers. It is no surprise then that there is a need for an effective form of bird control. Luckily you have this option.

When it comes to bird control we offer a permanent solution without harming the birds: Clear Flight Solution. We offer a way of dealing with these animals that is both effective, often permanent and absolutely free of cruelty. We offer a solution that combines in depth knowledge and state of the art technology. Our innovative way of bird control will allow you to get rid of your problems in an manner that certainly will be beneficial for both you and the birds.

A new form of bird control

Most people think about airfields and aviation in general when they think of problems caused by birds. They are not wrong. However this industry is by far not the only one who has to deal with these kind of difficulties. In fact there are many sectors who have to deal with these animals in different forms. The agricultural sector for example has to deal with quite some damages caused by foraging flocks of birds. Just an example of course because there many businesses or otherwise industries that have to find a way of dealing with this problem. A good example in which our form of bird control is effective especially in the way of preventing harm of these animals is in regards to wind mills. When it comes to bird control in regard of wind mills it is mostly to prevent unnecessary death of birds. This gives us the change to give a perfect example why our form of effective bird control with Clear Flight Solutions.

The way we work

The first step in dealing with birds is figuring out their behaviour. We make a study of the specific situation we are faced with. What kind of birds are casualties of the wind mills and when. This information tells us the species and their behaviours. We now know when and which of our specialised drones we have to use. We are talking of course about our own developed drones called the Robird®. These drones (there are two types) very accurately represent two different kind of birds of prey. We are talking about the peregrine falcon and the eagle. We chose the right drone for the targeted birds and use them on specific times. Times when we know when the flock is passing by. This form of bird control doesn’t  just scare the birds of temporarily but teaches the flock to change their route permanently.

Discover our way when it comes to bird control

The profit we offer with our form of bird control should never be underestimated. It is not just about money though. Safety and being environmentally responsible are even more important. Which is why we want to offer you the use of our services. Would you like to know more about our way of dealing with bird problems? Then please feel free to contact us.

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